“12 Tips for No Tears at the Table” (Becky’s 1st Huffington Post Blog! )

Mama Becky posted “12 Tips for avoiding Tears at the Table” on Huffington Post Parenting Blog today!  

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Here’s the opening paragraphs from Huff Post today….

What are your childhood memories of eating at the family table? Warm and happy? Or angst-riddled?

Just because well-intentioned parents forced their kids to eat foods they loathed or sent them to bed without supper, doesn’t mean we have to perpetuate the madness. Our generation also grew up with lots of obesity, anorexia and other food disorders.

Drawing upon what we know about happy, healthy, normal-weight adults, here are “Twelve Tips for Avoiding Tears at the Table.” These hints will help your kids enjoy food without guilt, over-indulging or extreme dieting. In other words, without all the issues our generation has battled.

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