Meet Becky


Besides my favorite titles of “Mom,” “Step-Mom,” “Nonny,” and “World’s Happiest Wife” –I’ve been in and around the publishing-speaking world for more than twenty years. I come from a long line of female writers and stellar storytellers  (my aunt, my mother, my sister and now my daughter are all authors of books with traditional publishers).  I’ve authored, co-authored or collaborated on more then forty books covering everything from inspirational humor (with titles like Worms in My Tea and Real Magnolias *) to brain science (with titles like This is Your Brain on Joy).

For many years, I entertained and shared my crazy stories and deepest thoughts  with audiences of all sizes, in venues from small church retreats to mega-sized events on college campuses. I  also wrote a popular relationship column, did hundreds of interviews, and was a humorous family-style storyteller on a segment called Front Porch Stories for Home Life TV.

I came to a passionate love of cooking rather late in life,  when I married Greg in 2004.  My husband not only showed great appreciation for my home-cooked meals, but with the rising popularity  of the  Food Network (to which I was instantly addicted), and our expanding blended family — plus the entertaining that comes with being married to a literary agent– I began to have a blast in the kitchen.  (Nothing makes me happier than Dean Martin crooning in the background, a glass of wine in hand, my husband near, and something fragrant simmering on the stove in my cheery kitchen.)

Greg's Birthday 009

Forget Disneyland. The Happiest Place on Earth is in my husband’s arms.  (2nd Happiest Place is, of course, my kitchen.)

Greg and I have six adult children and love spending time with our five grandsons, under age eight. We also mentor lots of young married couples and new parents from our church in Denver, Colorado.   When I’m not meeting a pressing writing deadline, or playing with a grandchild (or taking a nap to recover from those things),  you’ll typically find me in the kitchen or ’round the table with family and friends.

I am so honored to write this blog and co-author a book with my beautiful, funny, talented  daughter Rachel.   The fact that she eats a strictly plant-based diet fascinates and impresses me.  Though I doubt I’ll ever be pure vegan, my daughter has inspired me to get creative with veggies!  I consider myself “flexitarian” now, meaning I opt for a mostly vegetarian diet,  but still enjoy meat a few times a week.


How blessed am I to get to write with this lovely, talented young woman — who just happens to be my daughter?

We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook, a humorous mom-daughter food memoir with recipes, debuts August 6, 2013.  (Be sure to check “The Book” tab to read reviews and get more information about upcoming events.) A second collaborative  book (title to be announced later) is also in the works with Zondervan Publishers.

Thank you for stopping by our virtual kitchen table to share our stories and recipes.  We SO appreciate YOU!

*(Some of my earlier books, still listed on Amazon, are in my former name, Becky Freeman.)