Fresh Raspberry Rhubarb Sauce (over Rainbow of Sorbets)

Becky’s Fresh Raspberry Rhubarb Sauce Over a Rainbow of Sorbets

(Becky, the Butter-Lovin’ Mama)

Greg and I have so enjoyed having our five-year-old grandson Georgie visit us for two weeks.  He is all any grandparent could wish a grandson to be: kind, funny, empathetic, polite, snuggly, curious, and of course, full of puppy dog energy.  (Or, as Georgie calls it, “en-gerny.”)

Our grandson Georgie came for a two week visit! He is all smiles, giggles and noise on two legs. Just a boy should be.

The first week we had lots of fun of course, but I was a walking zombie from the combination of “Becky Brain” and “Temporary Mom Brain.”  I had forgotten what it was like to live a life of constant interruptions.  Having a preschooler in the house is like having someone turn on a blender in your head about every ten seconds.  You immediately lose the luxury of having two consecutive thoughts anymore.  Life in a mother’s head is just a series of random bits and pieces of Thoughts Begun, Interrupted and Lost Forever.

Needless to say, while I was getting in my Nonny Groove, trying to acclimate my thinking and sleeping schedule to that of a little boy’s,  my Cooking Groove took a backseat for most of the two weeks.  I am too embarrassed to confess how many Happy Meals we had this week, thanks to the lure of the playground and the cheap but highly coveted toy-in-a-box.

However,  when we had company over, I did find a few minutes to create this lucious tart-sweet summer dessert sauce made from raspberries and rhubarb.   It is a cinch make, even for Scrambled Mom-Brains,  and looked beautiful served over a variety of sorbets.  I just put the sorbets on a tray with scoops, let company serve themselves, and then passed the ruby red fruit sauce to allow for individual dolloping.   Easy, refreshing, pretty and divinely delicious.

Fresh Raspberry Rhubarb Sauce Over a Rainbow of Sorbets

Makes 1 1/2 cups sauce


6 oz. raspberries (fresh or frozen)

6 oz. rhubarb (fresh or frozen)

1/2 c. water

1/2 c. organic sugar (you may want to add more or less sugar, according to your taste)

Dash sea salt

Variety of Sorbets

Variety of Sorbets: I chose pints of pomegranate, mango and lemon


Put raspberries and rhubarb in medium sauce pan with water, sugar and sea salt.  Heat until it bubbles and simmer for one full minute.

Simmer fruit with sugar, water and dash salt for one full minute

Carefully pour cooked fruit and juice into a blender or food processor.  (You will want to let it cool down a bit before blending.)  Blend until smooth.

Strain into a bowl using a fine mesh strainer.   I used a large tea strainer and did this in small batches.  Occasionally scrape the strainer with a spatula to help facilitate draining,  and also tap it on the side of the bowl to keep the juice pouring out of the strainer.

Straining juice, occasionally scrape bottom of strainer with spatula, and tap it on the side of the bowl to help juices escape more quickly.

This will catch most of the raspberry seeds and create a silky smooth sauce.

Serve warm, room temp or cold over sorbet, ice cream, angel food or pound cake, or fresh fruit.

Fresh raspberry Rhubarb Sauce Over Rainbow of Sorbets


You can skip the rhubarb and just double the  raspberries for a pure raspberry sauce.   You can replace the raspberries with strawberries.  Try other fruit and berry combinations.  If the fruit is seedless, you may not even have to strain it.

I like to double this recipe so there are plenty of leftovers. Freezes well and makes a great gift-in-a-jar.

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