150 Calorie Chocolate Marshmallow Snack

(The Mama)

I know, I know. I’m late with this post. But I have a great excuse.

My Hotel Room with a View

I’m in Oregon on vacation and this is the view from my hotel room. (Priceline, $50.00 a night!) And this is where I’ve been taking my meals, already prepared for me, along the river.

The sign above the plate of sweet potato fries and my bacon-avocado-tomato sandwich says, “Escape, Relax, Renew.” It is the Hotel Rules and I don’t want to break them, so I’m officially slacking today.

I did, however, create one dish in the hotel room last night to satisfy an intense craving for something sweet and chocolatey. I’m trying to keep my calories under 1450 a day, which is why I conveniently know that this snack weighs in at 150 calories! I love Pinwheels cookies, dark chocolate and marshmallow treats, that are only in the stores in the cool months of the year because the dark chocolate atop them melts too easily. This chocolate “hotel mix” reminds me of those cookies and satisfies my cravings for something indulgent without costing me much in calories.

Becky’s 150 Chocolate Marshmallow Snack

Serves One


1 T. Semi-sweet chocolate Chips (17 normal sized or 24 mini chips)
1 square chocolate graham cracker
1/3 c. mini marshmallows


Break the graham cracker into small bite-sized pieces, and toss with the rest of the ingredients. Serve with a cup of coffee or hot tea and satisfy your sweet-chocolate cravings for very few calories!

Friday Surprise

As Rachel and I enter a new phase of our lives, writing with a book deadline looming before us, we are going to surprise you on Fridays. We may have a guest post, an all pictures post, a flashback post where we re-post a favorite recipe with a new twist or comment, a give-away post (free books!), or whatever else strikes our fancy.  (And takes less time!) This will allow us another day in our week to get the book written, and hopefully be fun for you, too.

Must sign off, now. The pool is open and I must obey the rules around here and “escape, relax, renew.”