Cooking with Kiddos in the Little Helpers FunPod

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As a participant in this blog hop, I’ve been asked to write a review of my favorite educational gift. I’ve chosen:

Product: Little Helpers FunPod from Luca & Company
Age range: 1-4
Subject areas: cooking, science
Hot Deal: 10% off code at Code: Save10

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For Jackson’s first birthday gift, I splurged on a Little Helpers FunPod from Luca & Company, a fairly pricey European contraption (at just under $200 full-price) that safely elevates children to counter height. It looks like a chair with four walls and an adjustable platform.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

Jackson’s birthday morning. He was stoked about his present and equally excited to play with a package of spinach while I whipped up special Birthday Blueberry Green Smoothies for the family.

We use the FunPod every day. He drags me to the laundry room where it lives when not in use and points to it, asking to be put in. Now that summer is over and our outside water play has come to an end, I am so thankful for the FunPod. It lets him play in the sink safely while I get other things done nearby. Water play is great for little minds. This morning I snapped this photo of him using a measuring cup to transfer water from one side of the sink to a pot on the other side. Then he used the whisk to stir the pot. Pretending to cook, perhaps?

Filling the pot up with water. “Watcha making buddy?” (Notice the salad spinner in the background — that’s probably my second recommendation for an “educational” child’s toy. Endless entertainment from that thing!)

Speaking of cooking, the FunPod has not only been a life saver for me when it comes to getting dinner on the table, but it has been a wonderful tool for letting Jackson experience food with me. He uses all five senses as he stands at the counter in his FunPod helping mommy cook. He smells garlic and onions simmering, he sees the steam rising from a stew and tells me “awwt” (hot), he squishes cookie dough through his fingers and giggles, he watches with enamor as flour sifts through his grip. He tastes olives before they go in the pasta sauce, “mmmm,” he says. He takes a bite out of an unpeeled avocado I’ve accidentally left in his reach. “Yukky, Yukky,” he says spitting out the rough outer layer, before taking another bite to get to the creamy flesh inside.

“Helping” mommy make a Pumpkin Spice Butternut Squash Cobbler. He’s in charge of quality control.

In just five months, the FunPod has given us so many food memories and given Jackson a leg up in learning about healthy eating and getting him to try new things. The other day, I gave him some kale to play with and a few other kitchen gadgets. I looked back over and he was tearing the kale into tiny pieces and putting them in the bowl…his first salad. It’s my proudest parenting moment yet. Thank you FunPod.

Stirring the quinoa before I take it to simmer on the stovetop.

He first learned the concept of Peek-a-boo in the pod. He would duck himself down and I would say “Where’s Jackson?” and he would pop right up, thrilled that he had fooled mommy.

Where is Jackson?

Though my son was only one when we got it, because the pod’s platform adjusts to different heights, it is good for any child who can stand on their own all the way up to six years old. As Jackson gets older and grows out of his high chair, I see us using this for craft projects when I want to make sure the mess is contained, play dough fun, snack time, and at some point, he could potentially be a real help in the kitchen. At this rate, I won’t be surprised if he’s washing the lettuce and preparing the family salads by age three. Talk about a great return on investment!

The FunPod is relatively small, about the width of a cabinet and has different levels to make learning in the kitchen safe and fun for babies, toddlers, and young children. I recommend a rug beneath it for water play. It will be a little messy…but it’s so worth it. This is a $20 rug from Costco and is really absorbent and doesn’t slide around at all.

Because the FunPod is a UK product, you probably won’t find this in stores in the U.S.A. I bought mine through one of those daily deal sites and got a pretty steep discount. I found a 10% off code to (Code: Save10) where it is $190 with free shipping. and both have them for $190.00 with free shipping as well.

You may want to google these similar models as well: The FunPod 5-in-1 High Chair, Little Partners Learning Tower, and GuideCraft Kitchen Helper. I haven’t used any of these models so I can’t offer my own reviews, but if you’re like me, you probably like to consider all your options before making a big purchase. The Learning Tower is wider to hold two kids and has open sides so kids can climb in and out (I found this as a negative with one 1-year old, but others may see these as great bonuses). The Kitchen Helper folds away and is almost half the price as the other two; it might be a good choice for small spaces.


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13 Comments on “Cooking with Kiddos in the Little Helpers FunPod”

  1. Hi there,
    As a nanny, I’ve used the learning tower in homes where i’ve worked and it’s been great. It gives kids a whole new perspective into the kitchen. Today we made chocolate chip cookies and that was fun. Whenever we make cookies, it’s like a trick- they say they want cookies but it’s reallyjust want the few stray chips I let them have that they really want!

  2. As a nanny I’ve used the learning tower in the homes i’ve worked in and it’s been awesome to see the kids faces when they realize there is a whole level of the kitchen they didn’t know existed! We love baking cookies. We made chocolate chip today. I have to say though they trick me- they really want the stray chips rather than the cookies!

  3. I saw the learning tower in person last night at a friend’s house. It’s really cute. Her two kids love it.

  4. This looks so great!!! Thanks for the post. My sister has a learning tower that she’s used with her kids for years and she just loves it. Which makes me wonder if I should get one for Will… my big kids are old enough to use real chairs, but not Wills.

    • It is one of the few products I really don’t think I could live without. I got a lot of writing done bringing my laptop to the kitchen while he played nearby at the sink. I think you and he both would love it! Thanks for including us in the blog hop!

  5. As a summer nanny, I wanted to have fun things to do with the kids. (Not just watch cartoons each day). So I made a calendar of events. For example: every Monday was Library Day, Tuesday- crafts, Wednesday – cooking, Thursday – Park, Friday – Free day! And then I made each week a theme. My FAVORITE theme week was Bug Out! We read the Hungry Caterpillar and made caterpillar “pizza’s” (fruit/desert pizza on sugar cookies). Here’s a picture of our snack for the day.

    The kids LOVED it and it was so fun to have them in the kitchen with me. The conversation spurred on because of this was great!

  6. I love to make cookies and healthy snacks with the kids. They enjoy being able to create their own masterpieces!

  7. Normanda Gibson says:

    I love this. Seems a lil pricey but to be able yo spend time with your child while doing necessary task and teach at the same time vs playpen or in room alone.
    I am already following you on pretty mich every media outlet possible 😉 enjoying every post 🙂
    We love to make cupcakes or cookies that can be decorated. Anything that can use their creative artsy side.
    Thank you for all your helpful tips. I am not just amazed by your cooking but your parenting style. Excited to try some of these things out with my next child!

  8. Lori Sweet says:

    I ‘liked’ you both on Pintrest and look forward to checking out your boards. My kids are both chefs in training, as a matter of fact, we just finished playing Chopped, (Food Network), and my daughter loves giving her big brother feedback about flavors and textures. I can not take any credit; my husband is the cook in the house. I’d survive on yogurt, fruit and veggies, and just about anything else quick and healthy. Now that my children are 10 and 6, they’ve taken a stand against cold lunch and dinner when Dad is away. The first thing they’ve learned to cook is eggs. Scrambled, over-easy, omelettes… they do it far better than I do, and if I attempt to cook now, they watch over me giving out lots of advice.

  9. Love the blog and both of the pinterest sites so I did all three. My favorite thing to do in the kitchen has actually become a tradition for my family now. Every Christmas we bake cookies and then with cookies cutters (Christmas style) we cut them out and then the kids get to decorate them with me using a wide variety of sprinkle, frosting,etc. The only downfall is the mess we make having so much fun. The kids love it so much my oldest is married now and she still comes and participates with the tradition.

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