Food Bloggers Conference, Portland

As I write this, it is getting late and Rachel and I have a 5:30 wake up call to head back to our respective cities after 5 glorious food-and-fun filled days in Portland.  The first 2.5 days were spent at the convention with our editor, Carolyn McCready from Zondervan and 250 food bloggers from all over the country. On Sunday afternoon, my daughter in law Julie and grandson Georgie drove down from Seattle to join us for 2 nights and 2 days of additional food and play.

Since I’m too tired to talk, or write sensibly, I thought I’d just share some pictures from the past few days, with a promise to describe our foodie adventures in more detail once we’ve had a goodnight’s sleep and are back in our homes and routines. Love to all our readers!

Rachel and I at the Farm to Table Dinner, the last night of the Foodista International Food Blogger’s Conference. Such fun and our brains are bursting with new information, along with our waistlines from great Oregon inspired food

Rachel brought Jackson to the Food Bloggers Convention. She’s raising him in the kitchen, letting him teeth on measuring spoons!

Our wonderful friend and editor, Carolyn McCready, not only joined us at IFBC, and edits our books — but she served as a tour guide to downtown Portland. My favorite stop was Powell’s … a book lover’s dream.

From gourmet dining to eating-out-with kids. My daughter in law Julie and her grandson Georgie joined us on Sunday and we all  fell in love with this place called Vitas, a fabulous vegan restaurant, in an eclectic and fast-growing “foodie” neighborhood.

Jackson closing his eyes, savoring a first bite of vegan burger. More photos, food pics and words to come…. when we get back home and rest up!!


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