Avocado Cucumber Sesame Salad

My sister and my nieces, Whitney and Tori, age 9 and 11, are here this weekend and we are enjoying them so much!  The youngest one, Whitney,  is quite the  food connoisseur, and has made me feel like the best cook on the planet with her over-the-top compliments.  She describes the food on the end of her fork as one would describe a fine wine, “I can taste the layers of flavor! The hint of coconut, the tang of pineapple…”

As soon as she arrived from Texas she asked if we could make my sweet n’ spicy meatloaf again, together.  She remembered it from three years ago, when they last came to Colorado!  We did, and she said she loved squashing the meat and the seasonings together with her bare hands.   When she took a bite of the cooked finished meatloaf she raised her hands, rolled her eyes heavenward and exclaimed, “This is even better than I dreamed it would be!”

Yesterday, I let the girls paint pictures outside under our tree and beach umbrella,  and then made them each virgin cocktails. (Cranberry Sprite, OJ and slices of lemon, lime and orange on ice.)  Whitney took one sip and said, “This is delicious!  In fact, it is as good as meatloaf!”   I wonder how many bartenders have had compliments like that.  “This Long Island Tea is as tasty as meatloaf!”  Gotta love kids.

With such an appreciative food critic in the house, it really spurred me on to bring out my inner chef.  This is a very simple Asian salad that packs a powerful burst of flavor with very few ingredients, one the whole family loved!   The key is the salt.  Be sure to use sea salt, the best you can find. McCormicks now has a sea salt grinder, where you can grind fresh flakes of sea salt on to your food.  It is quite good!  You will be amazed how good fresh sea salt can be and the “layers of flavor” that come from using the finer, gourmet versions of it.   This dish combines the smooth, richness of avocado with the crisp crunch of cucumber, the warmth of sesame oil and sesame seeds, and that final touch of freshly flaked sea salt.   So easy, but so gourmet at the same time.   I guarantee you, it is even as good as meatloaf!

Avocado Cucumber Sesame Salad

Serves two to three


1 ripe but still firm  avocado, cut in bite sized pieces (we like a lot of avocado, so I sometimes double the avocado in this recipe)

1/2 English cucumber (or regular cucumber with seeds removed , but peel left on) cut in bite sized pieces

1 t. fresh lime juice

pinch sugar

1 T. sesame oil

1 t. sesame seeds (toasted,  white or black seeds –black seeds are actually quite pretty, but I did not have them on hand)

fresh sea salt to taste


Gently coat the sliced avocado and cucumber in a bowl with lime juice, pinch sugar, sesame oil and seeds. Sprinkle generously with sea salt. Serve in a low-rimmed edge blow or plate.


9 Comments on “Avocado Cucumber Sesame Salad”

  1. How do you DO this?! Such amazing recipes…. I love sesame and avocado and cucumber….

    • Becky Johnson says:

      Erin, we had this dish served to us at a wonderful eclectic restaurant in Portland. I couldn’t wait to duplicate it when I got home. It’s become one of our faves. Thanks again for your encouragement, Friend.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! This I WILL try! Thanks.

  3. victoria (vicki) brooks says:

    is there a way to print just the recipes in your posts without printing the whole post? this is from friend and co-worker of susan pride. also, i’m interested in grass fed chicken, beef and other. where is your farm located. i’m pretty new to texas.

    • Becky Johnson says:

      Great question! We are at a blogger conference today and hope to create printable pages for just recipes soon. For now the old cut and paste may be the best alternative. Neither of have farms but Rach is in Forney Tx and I am in Denver.

  4. […] I went to get the meatballs recipe, I stumbled upon Rachel’s recipe for Avocado Cucumber Sesame Salad and thought that the two recipes would go well together.  And Joey loves cucumbers and avocado so […]

    • Becky Johnson says:

      Thanks, Erin! That avocado cucumber recipe is one of my go-to favorites! Made it for my mom and dad and she went straight home and made it for her bridge group. It’s also delicious without the cucumbers. I make it both ways. Enjoy!

  5. […] plus budget and waistline friendly dish. Yummy paired with a side of jasmine rice and my simple sesame avocado  cucumber salad.  For vegans or vegetarians,  trying grilling Field Roast Apple Sage Sausages, and then simmer […]

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